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An Exclusive Free Web Training with Bex Burton, Certified Dreambuilder & Love Coach

Tuesday, September 11, 5PM MT, 7PM ET

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Tuesday, September 11 5pm MT, 7pm EST
(Limited Spots Available)

Bex Burton, Certified DreamBuilder and Love Coach, supports smart, successful, single women in becoming radiant and magnetic to LOVE, so they can attract lasting, loving, soulmate relationships with amazing men.

After failing painfully at love for well over a decade, Bex set out to “get to the bottom” of what wasn’t working.  Along the way, she discovered her own personal Majesty, “accidentally” wrote her own true love story, brought it to life through hula hoop performance art, and attracted an extraordinary man, who is now her husband.

Today, Bex supports thousands of driven women in dreaming up and manifesting their own unique love stories, through her in-depth transformational “Your Majesty” coaching programs, live and online workshops, performances, and events.

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